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Mustang P-51 named after the famous Second World War fighter plane

07/18/2017 21:56:34
Mustang P-51 named after the famous Second World War fighter plane
Ford tuner Roush has strapped a pretty enormous supercharger to the Mustang’s V8 to create the 2017 P-51, named after the Second World War fighter plane.

If you ever get to think that the 5.0litre engine Ford Mustang has isn’t enough for it, then don’t hurry up to move to another car, the famous Ford tuner Roush has strapped a pretty enormous supercharger to the Mustang’s V8 to create the 2017 P-51, named after the famous Second World War fighter plane.



The P-51 Mustang isn’t the first Roush special to bear the name; you might remember the company has done this before. But it is the most powerful, with a healthy 727bhp courtesy of a supercharger with the same 2.3-litre cubic capacity as an entire Mustang EcoBoost engine…That TVS supercharger is linked to a Roush ‘stage two’ upgrade for maximum gains, bro. Adding the kit costs a minimum of $42,500 on top of the price of the donor car, and on this occasion it seems to be for new cars only. The mods are carried out ‘pre-title’ to maintain a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty and dealer back-up.



Roush doesn’t care whether you spec a manual or automatic car – the mods work just the same either way. On top of the power increase there’s a selection of Roush TrakPak goodies like three-way adjustable coilovers, lightweight, forged black alloys wrapped in Continental ExtremeContact tyres measuring 295/35 ZR19 at the back, and PFC brakes with two-piece rotors and much stopping power.



Only 51 are going to be built, but all will come with a special party piece. While you sit in the luxurious brown leather sports seats complete with P-51 logos you can play with the Roush Active Exhaust system that lets you set custom tunes for how much the adjustable exhaust valve opens at any given speed and any given throttle pedal pressure. You can even set it to be loud at low speed and quiet at maximum attack, if you like, so as not to advertise the fact that you’re busy shredding rubber with 727 horsesBuyers will also get a carbonfibre boot lip spoiler, a carbonfibre front splitter with support brackets, custom black paint on the bonnet, a plethora of Roush and P-51 badges and, err, ambient lighting in the grille, for some reason. 


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