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The 13th annual All Ford Car Show coming soon

09/08/2015 14:48:12
The 13th annual All Ford Car Show coming soon
The 13th annual All Ford Car Show and Swap Meet is on Saturday in Old Town Orcutt.

The 13th annual All Ford Car Show and Swap Meet is on Saturday in Old Town Orcutt. 

This Saturday, the 13th annual show will offer attendees an inside look at the 100-year evolution of Ford models, a 150-item raffle that includes tools and gift cards and trophy divisions awarded to 10 of the nearly 200 cars registered.

For years, Ford and Chevy fans have been engaged in an informal rivalry, comparing the latest models and features to see who is on top. For Jay and Kay McCord, however, there has never been any competition. "Ford was the company in automotive history that put America on the map," Jay McCord said. "It has been the leader in the industry for the entire time."

This year they will display any kind of Ford cars that one can imagine, from a 1914 Model T, all the way up to a 2015 Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition.


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